Annai velankanni Polytechnic College is a boon to the youth of the village Anguchettypalayam and all other villages around Panruti town. By the blessings of the mother, Annai velankanni with the minimum Expenses the youth achieve the maximum benefits. Those who trust the mother & work hard will shine throughout their life.

We, the sisters of st. Anne, Trichy who run the college, commit our life for the noble cause of education & development of the poor & down trodden youth for the past 150 years. Each student should become fully human & fully alive is our sole aim. We serve the youth with the motto love, prayer &service. By our self-giving service we witness & enjoy the steadfast love of God who is constantly with us.

“To Build a Holistic Society” is the vision of our college. Education helps a person to grow from helplessness & weakness to strength & self-reliance, from fears & self centered lives to courage & other centered lives, from darkness of ignorance to light & slavery to freedom. A person by his or her nature is called to serve others. Authentic growth is the consciousness of the self & other in the society.

  Our institution provides quality-engineering education especially for the rural students by improving their soft skills & technical knowledge according to the trends & needs of the industries through continuous improvement in teaching process. Campus interview is a very factor of our college. Almost all our students will leave the college with a job order after completion of their course.                      

Our Lady of health is the star protector & guardian of each one in the institution.